We help Christian couples facing marital challenges transform their lives and marriageย through personal growth.ย 

Discover the most common threats to a healthy marriage, including:

๐Ÿ’” Constant, senseless bickering and fighting - You're both unhappy and can't get to a peaceful resolution.
๐Ÿ’” Deprivation of intimacy - Understand how to communicate openly and honestly about your intimacy needs, so you can create a fulfilling physical connection.
๐Ÿ’” Broken trust - Discover how to rebuild trust in your marriage after a breach, and how to prevent future breaches from happening.


With over 28 years of marriage, Dauren and Joan have leveraged their first-hand experience of the inevitable relationship challenges to help countless couples strengthen communication and relationship skills, overcome challenges and improve happiness.


Suzan Summer (Chicago)

Dauren and Joan provides highly insightful input and an actionable "plan," — which really helps us how to handle the most hot-button moments in our marriage. After 25 + years of marriage, we started to get complacent. When we met Dauren and Joan, we were on the verge of signing the divorce papers. I happen to follow them on social media and I like the husband and wife chemistry that they bring. After watching an IG live with them, I knew God was speaking to me through what they were saying...They showed us how to reset our marriage, and we did.

"All relationships starts with communication, and it will need effective communication to be successful." -Dauren


We counsel couples through a variety of challenges, from financial disagreements to infidelity to sex and intimacy. 

But we have found that no matter what problems are presenting themselves, what we usually need to work on is improved communication and the self-growth of the individuals.   

"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.” -Ecclesiastes 4:9



I just wanted to take the time to reach out and say thank you again for all you did to help my husband and me.  I am absolutely amazed at your communication skills. No one ever listens to us and shows so much interest in helping us solve our problems. I feel like a different person from when we started, and I owe much of that to you.

Anything in life that is of great value takes hard work and commitment. Building a successful marriage and relationship is no different.

What does it take to build a marriage that will last?

In Built to Last you will find practical wisdom and biblical principles that will help you have a successful marriage and relationship. This book is an excellent read-not only for married couples, but for singles as well. If you are engaged or planning on getting married in the future, you want to read this book.


Individual Coaching

In this session, we will help you navigate through your struggles and help you find the best plan of action to help you.


Couple's Coaching

In this coaching experience, we listen closely to your feelings, issues, and concerns and help you find solutions to solve them.



On our first Zoom conference, after introducing himself and asking a few questions about what brought us to couples counseling, he said one sentence that let me know that he was serious about what he does. He said, and I quote, "He is not going to work harder for our marriage than we are willing to work for it."  That was all I needed to hear. Thank you for pushing us and helping us to work harder for ourselves and our marriage.