Ten Mistakes Men Makes In Marriage

Jul 22, 2022

1. Sex Is Just About You And Not About The Two Of You.

Most men are selfish in the bedroom and never think of their wives' satisfaction. Disregarding the needs of your wife in the bedroom can ruin your sex life. Sex for your wife does not start in the bedroom it starts in her mind. Most men just need a place to have sex, but your wife needs a reason to have sex. Having a good time in the bedroom with your wife requires a very high level of communication, and such conversations should happen when both partners are calm, relaxed, and receptive to ideas. I always remind husbands of this sex rule "Ladies Before Gentlemen". Take pride in getting your wife there first.

2. Not Taking Care Of Your Body

Most men want their wives to take good care of their bodies but rarely do that themselves. I have seen so many husbands allow themselves to lose interest in their bodies and many wives aren't happy about it. You should do the same just as you want your wife to maintain a great body.

3. Not Involving  Yourself In Child Rearing

Most men leave child-rearing for their wives and believe all they need to do is provide for the family. 

This is wrong! It is a big mistake for a husband to take a backseat regarding child-rearing. Instead, spend time with your children and play an active role in their lives along with your wife.

4. Failure To Make Future Plans

As a husband, you need to give your wife and children security by planning for the future. You have to prepare for the future of the marriage, your finances, the children, etc. Don't be the husband that lives for the now; make plans for retirement, old age, death and when the kids get married, etc.

5. You Don't Confide In Your Wife

Not confiding in their wife is another common mistake most men make in marriage. Your wife should be your partner, best friend, and confidant. She wants to be included in your entire world.

6. You Don't Listen To Your Wife

Most men fail to see their wives as their equal partners and would rarely listen to their opinion. Learn to listen to what she has to say. Don't assume you know what your wife is going to say or tune her out because you have heard it all before.

7.  You Allow Family And Friends To Disrespect Your Wife

You have failed as a husband when you allow your family and friends to disrespect your wife. Anyone that disrespects your wife also disrespects you; it's as simple as that. Avoid talking bad about your wife in public so she won't get disrespected. Your family and friends should only know about the positives, not the negatives. You and your wife should sort out the negatives together or with a professional person.

8.  Reckless Spending

Making big purchases without consulting your wife or spending recklessly is another big mistake most men make in marriage. Keeping a bank account hidden from your wife is a no-no in marriage. When you cut off your wife from knowing about your finances, you make her feel less loved and connected. Your wife needs you to trust her with your heart and your finances.

9. You Refuse To Apologize When You Are Wrong.

Refusing to apologize when you are wrong is one mistake husbands make in marriage. Many men believe they belittle themselves when they apologize to their wives, and this is wrong. Just because you are a man is no reason not to apologize when you've done wrong to your wife.

10. You Compare Your Wife With Other Women

This could be the death of your marriage. Comparison is dangerous and can destroy your marriage; never compare your wife to other women. There will always be women around you who have traits and strengths that your wife does not have, but do you know the weaknesses these women have? Cherish and honor your wife for who she is, not for what she does or doesn't do. Of course, there are other couples that you admire and aspire to learn and grow from. The focus is not on one individual but on their overhaul marriage life. However, to compare your wife with another man's wife is the BIGGEST disrespect you can show your wife