“And if someone overpowers one person, two can resist him.
A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”
Ecclesiastes 4:12

Dauren and Joan Francis are on a mission to help others build strong, successful marriages and relationships that revolve around God. Providing this service, they created,     Knot Easily Broken, where they work to empower, mentor and counsel couples and singles about life, relationship, marriage, and God.

Dauren and Joan impress upon others that marriage is bigger than the two people in it. Prior to these commitments, Dauren and Joan first met when they were just five years old. Becoming instant and forever best friends, their relationship grew stronger as the years passed, and by the time they were both 18, they had fallen in love. Now married for twenty-eight years, they are the proud parents of two sons whom they love dearly.

Driven and inspired by their passion for family, Dauren and Joan believe that when couples are better prepared for life, they are more suitable for marriage. Marriage is not the problem. The problem is with the kind of people who are getting married. Following this belief, it is their goal to guide married couples in living their best lives by understanding God’s purpose for their lives and marriage. Knowing this purpose will open the doors to the self-discovery needed to grow and accept change, which is the only way a marriage can truly evolve. Dauren and Joan have inspired many couples on both national and international levels through social media, video conferencing, one on one counseling, mentorship, seminars, and workshops.

These engagements provide the opportunity for visitors to learn that marriage is far from perfect, but when equipped with the right tools, it is possible to have happy, healthy relationships.

“Marriage is not built in a day, it is built daily,”   

Joan and Dauren emphasize the need for dedication, commitment, sacrifice, and hard work, none of which would be possible without the act of putting God first. Throughout their years of marriage and also during their time faithfully helping other marriages, they have developed an unbreakable passion for sharing their knowledge and combining it with time-tested approaches that empower and encourage couples.

In all that they do, their biggest hope is that they can help couples enjoy the presence of each other.

Sharing this hope with the masses, they serve as authors and have published the titles,  Dating and Courting with Godly Purpose and     

Built to Last: A Successful Marriage and Relationship. Dauren and Joan are certified marriage and relationship coach. Dauren is also an Inspirational Speaker, and certified Life
Coach under the John Maxwell team. With over the last 28+ years of marriage, Dauren and Joan have leveraged their first-hand experience of the inevitable relationship challenges to help countless couples strengthen communication and relationship skills, overcome challenges, and improve happiness.

Dauren and Joan has dedicated their lives to equipping, inspiring, and leading others to achieve their personal and relationship goals. While doing so, they strive to help create a society where the desire for God’s love, marriage, family, and relationship is never ending, and above it all, forever embrace.

Dauren holds the role of ordained Reverend, and Associate Pastor at Greater Mount Bethel Tabernacle in New York where their senior Pastor is Rev Lloyd Reid Jr. They lead the marriage ministry at their church.