"A successful marriage is not by accident;
it is a planned event."

We have a very unique story...

We met in kindergarten. Becoming instant and forever best friends, our relationship grew stronger as the years passed, and by the time we were 18, we fell in love.

Now married for twenty-eight years, we are the proud parents of two sons whom we love dearly.

We believe that marriage is bigger than the two people in it.  Therefore, we strive to help create a community where the desire for God's love, marriage, and family is never-ending.

We are inspired by our passion for family, and embrace helping others build strong, successful marriages and relationships that revolve around God.

We emphasize the need for dedication, commitment, sacrifice, and hard work; none of which would be possible without putting God first.

We teach that the first step in improving a marriage is understanding God's purpose for each individual's life and marriage. This opens the doors to the self-discovery needed to grow and accept change, which is the only way a marriage can truly evolve.

We believe that when individuals are better prepared for life, they are more suitable for marriage.

Our biggest hope is that we can help couples communicate better, restore trust and intimacy and enjoy the presence of each other.


We have leveraged our first-hand experience of inevitable relationship challenges, coupled with time-tested approaches to empower and encourage countless couples to strengthen communication and relationship skills, overcome challenges, and improve happiness in their marriages.

We have dedicated our lives to equipping, inspiring, and leading others to achieve their personal and relationship goals by learning about life, relationship, marriage, and God.

Our mission is to help couples discover that marriage is far from perfect. With God's help and being equipped with the right tools, it is possible to have happy, healthy relationships.

We are marriage counselors and relationship coaches.  We have inspired many couples on both national and international levels through social media, video conferencing, one-on-one counseling, mentorship, seminars, and workshops.

Together, we help couples struggling in their marriages improve their interpersonal communication skills to resolve conflict, rekindle affection, and mutual respect. In addition, we help couples restore the harmony they previously enjoyed to reduce the risk of divorce and all the emotional/financial stress that entails. 

Dauren is a Certified Life Coach under John Maxwell's team leadership, and incorporates this into his marriage and life coaching.

Dauren holds the role of Ordained Reverend and Associate Pastor, and Joan is an Evangelist at the Greater Mount Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle in New York.