How To Listen And Communicate Effectively In Marriage


I Want In!

4 Ways To Improve Your Marriage


I Want In!

"Dauren and Joan looked and us and said, "Are you ready to reset your marriage?" My wife and I look at each other and then ask, what does reset mean? They said we are going to teach you how to start over with each other over and over again. Well, we have been doing that ever since.

Now we have many more tools in our marriage tools box."

-Wendy & Clifton

"They are so helpful with facilitating conversations that can be hard to have otherwise. He's an amazing listener and instantly makes you feel at ease and safe to speak freely. Very grateful for the help he's provided to my relationship."



"I am pleased to say that Dauren and Joan is the best marriage coach I have ever met. Actually, they are the ones who are helping me to save my marriage right now. We tried two marital counselors, but only one session was successful. So when we met this couple, we knew we had found the correct individual. They listen, give input, give a plan of action, and have been an enormous help to us over the last few months."